Nothing much else I can add…


I couldn’t add anything more to these, although I’ve touched on a couple of the points already.


2 Responses to “Nothing much else I can add…”

  1. Looked at the first link, started to comment, then looked at the second link. Glad I read some of the explanations, but I’m still confused. The list is *extremely* valid, obviously, but I wouldn’t call them privileges as such. I always thought of privilege as a benefit or advantage granted only to ‘certain’ people, not something that ‘most’ people enjoy. Perhaps it’s because I’m not part of a minority that I don’t understand this… or maybe it’s just down to my primitive use of the English language 🙂

  2. 2 imnotbroken

    I do agree, that a ‘privilege’ is something enjoyed by someone beyond most. I guess it’s a way of flipping things around to ask the question; ‘these things are taken for granted, yet I don’t have them’. I guess it’s a starting point for dialogue, as I’m sure that lots of people don’t give those things much thought…

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